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Hebrew Public NYS Emergency Remote Instruction Plan10/04/2023Safety2023safety
HLA2 Audited Financial Statement June 202208/16/2023Financial Statements2022financial-statements
HLA2 Report Card 2021-202208/02/2023Report Card2022report-card
HLA2 Annual Report, Fall 202308/02/2023Annual Reports2023annual-reports
Hebrew Public – FOIL Policy SY22-2308/02/2023Foil Policy2023foil-policy
HLA2-Safety Plan-2023-202406/27/2023SafetyThis document is available for public comment for 30 days (starting July 1 + ending July 31). We encourage you to sign up to attend July's board meeting if you would like to make a comment or you can send your comments to boardhla2@hebrewpublic.org2023safety
Hebrew Public DASA Policy12/07/2022
Illuminate Data Breach12/06/2022
HLA2 FOIL Policy2022 2023
Hebrew Public Discipline Policies & Code of Conduct12/06/2022
HLA2 Safety Plan
HLA2 ESSA Application
HLA2 Consultation Collaboration Form12/06/2022
HLA2 ARP-ESSER Grant Application12/06/2022
HLA2 Family Handbook12/06/20222022
HLA2 Freedom of Information Law – Subject Matter List12/06/20222022
HLA2 Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security12/06/2022Privacy2022privacy
HLA2 Data Security and Privacy Policy12/06/2022Privacyprivacy
HLA2 Annual Report 2021-2022
HLA2 Third Party Software Contracts12/06/2022
HLA2 Title I Budget Narrative12/06/2022
HLA2 Title II Budget12/06/2022
HLA2 Title I Budget12/06/2022