OLAM Values

Outstanding Problem Solvers

We are optimistic and solutions-oriented. We believe that constructive disagreement and discourse are fundamental to the teaching and learning process.  We use critical thinking and evidence to solve problems.

Lifelong Learners

We are raising students to fall in love with learning, so that they continue their learning journey for a lifetime. As adults, we welcome and embrace feedback, and we know that the key to student improvement is our own growth and development.

Aware Communicators 

We know that listening deeply, taking others’ perspectives and learning about multiple languages and cultures are all fundamental characteristics of global citizens.  We communicate clearly and effectively with different audiences.

Making a Difference

We use our problem solving, learning and communication skills to make big and small differences in the world. From the kindergarten student helping a friend tie her shoelaces, to the teams of adults committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for our students, each of us plays a role in positively shaping the world we live in.