Charlottesville – A Special Message from Our CEO Jon Rosenberg

Dear members of the Hebrew Public community, Most of us have been struggling to process what has been happening in our country in the days since the protests and violence in Charlottesville.  Personally, I have struggled for a week now to put pen to paper, knowing that it is still summer vacation for our students, […]

Teaching English in Israel

Harlem Hebrew teacher Jared Waters teaching English in Israel. This summer Harlem Hebrew teacher first grade teacher, Jared Waters, taught English immersion classes in Israeli town, Kiryat Malachi as a Talma teaching fellow. Recently, Jared’s work with the program was featured in major news outlet, Yediot Israel. Talma is a summer English immersion program for […]

Inside the Classroom: Q&A with Harlem Hebrew Teacher, Jared Waters

First grade teacher Jared Waters has just completed his first year at Harlem Hebrew and is spending the summer in Israel teaching English. During his first year, he also facilitated Hebrew Public’s young adult volunteer program, YALLA, where middle school and high school students volunteer monthly in his first grade class. Jared grew up in […]

Hebrew Language Academy Awarded “Facing History and Ourselves” Grant.

Hebrew Language Academy (HLA) was awarded the Facing History and Ourselves In-Depth Program Grant for 2017-18 school year! By receiving this notable award, the school will benefit from professional development opportunities that will encourage tolerance, empathy and civic responsibilities among the school’s diverse community. Facing History and Ourselves is an international educational organization that teaches […]

The Power to Choose, In the Face of Hardships

Why one family commutes four hours daily – across boroughs – to attend the school of their choice. In Morris Heights, Bronx, the alarm sounds at 4:00 a.m. signaling to Shadina Charles that it is time to wake up and get her daughters ready for school. She begins her daily routine of preparing their lunch […]