Alumni Association


Your child will be moving on to a new stage of education, but we hope that his or her development in the Modern Hebrew language is only just beginning. As an alumnus of the one of the Hebrew Public’s schools — Hebrew Language Academy, Hatikvah, Harlem Hebrew, Sela, Kavod, Lashon, Agamim — your child can stay connected to a growing community of young Americans seeking to be fluent in the Hebrew language and cultivating a life-long relationship with Israel.

Participation in the Association for you and your child is free and easy. You and your child can stay connected simply by signing up for occasional information from the Association, using the sign-in form below.  Also, remember to “like” the Association’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hebrewpublicalumni) to receive posts from other alumni families.

We hope that through the Alumni Association, your child will engage through photos, videos and commentary. The Association also hopes to offer alumni opportunities to interact with one another through future events, information sharing, and updated directories, as well as play an active role in encouraging current students and faculty at Hebrew Public schools.

Once again, Congratulations and Welcome to the Hebrew Public Alumni Association!


Sara Bloom, Chairman of the Board, Hebrew Public

Jon Rosenberg, President & CEO, Hebrew Public