Philanthropy Projects

IsraelCapstone Trip to Israel for Graduating 8th Graders To culminate nine years of Hebrew and Israel Studies in our schools, we are introducing our first-ever trip to Israel for an outstanding group of graduating 8th graders in school year 2017-18.  In November 2017, students from our schools in Brooklyn and in New Jersey will travel to Israel for a 10-day program to experience first-hand the country that they studied for nine years.  Donations will help fund scholarships for those families who cannot afford a contribution to help pay for the trip.

Book ClipIsrael Studies Books and Resources As public schools, Hebrew Public cannot use any textbooks from Israel or from Jewish day schools that have religious connotations.  Therefore, many of the curriculum resources that we use in our schools are created by our national office.  A favorite among our students is Rehov HaOlam (The World Street) book series about Israeli families that teach our students about daily life in Israel.  Donations will help print new books and produce supporting materials (games, handouts, CD’s) to help created these materials.

stem copySchool Technology  While we have financial resources from the Department of Education to cover basic educational services, we do not have enough necessary equipment like e-readers, smart boards, and laptops in our NYC schools.  In addition, many student families cannot afford top-notch technology at home, and our students rely on the school equipment to learn how to use computers, do Internet research and read e-books.  Donations will support necessary technology purchases for HLA and Harlem Hebrew.