When I joined the team here last January as the Hebrew Charter School Center’s first President & CEO, I knew we had an incredibly strong foundation on which to build.  In the few short years since we began building this American network of dual-language Hebrew charter schools, the cumulative progress made is hard to ignore:
  • 1,253 children are now learning in our six schools across the country, in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • Our schools are wonderfully diverse, with students from a wide array of racial, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Hundreds of children are speaking, reading, and writing Modern Hebrew with great proficiency – something that always brings smiles of delight to the faces of native Hebrew speakers who visit our schools.
  • Our students’ academic performance continues to be very strong, as shown in the most recent round of state tests in NY and NJ.
  • 90 new HCSC alumni – our very first graduating classes from Hebrew Language Academy and Hatikvah – are now in middle schools, and we are working to stay closely connected to them as they grow into ambassadors for the HCSC mission.

During the course of 2014, we helped open Lashon Academy in Los Angeles, and began working with Agamim Academy in Minneapolis, which will open in 2015.  We have added three terrific new Board members: Simone Friedman, Caroline Greenwald and Adam Smolyar. We also had quite a year in fundraising:  our March Aladdin and September “Autumnfest” events were great successes, together raising more than $800,000.  (For a fuller description of our work, please check out our new President’s Report) 

All of us here look with genuine pride at the work that is done by our teachers and school leaders every day in Brooklyn, in Harlem, in DC, in San Diego, in East Brunswick, and in Los Angeles.  I am confident that we will make more contributions in the years to come, as we become an increasingly important presence in the worlds of dual-language instruction, diverse schooling, Israel and global studies, and charter schools.

Jon Rosenberg, President & CEO

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