Sleeping in Bedouin Tents

Who are the Bedouins?

Later in the night, the students learned all about the Bedouins and their traditions.

“Badui” means dessert. The traditional Bedouin lifestyle is to live in the dessert. The students learned that Bedouin’s are not afraid of the dessert, they  know how to find their way, how to find animals and how to find medicine and plants with healing qualities.

For the Bedouin’s having guests is a great honor. They taught the students that their forefather Abraham loved having guests and they consider themselves to be just like him. The Bedouins played a traditional instrument for kids called “sumiya.” They students also enjoyed Bedouin coffee and tea tasting.

After the Bedouin presentation they had a bonfire and shared reflections on the trip so far, what they liked and what they are looking forward to. In the morning the students will enjoy camel rides in the desert!

The kids ended the night sleeping in a Bedouin tent.