The students had a full but relaxing day today. The day began with a late breakfast and a walk through Jerusalem’s new city, then through the Jaffa Gate into the old city again. There, they learned about the significance of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and of Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem.

Because it was All Souls Day, the Church and its surrounding courtyard were more packed than ever with pilgrims and tourists. The students even got to see the Armenian Bishop and entourage as they exited the church, just as they were arriving.

See the video below for a little preview of what they saw.

After that, they spent a short time wandering closely with their chaperoned groups through the Muslim Quarter where many people approached them with presents to purchase using their bargaining skills.

After lunch, a happy group of aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends came to the hotel to visit many of the students. Together they all went to Independence Park and ran around playing soccer, drawing, and hanging out with new and old friends, observing and participating in a Jerusalem Shabbat/Saturday afternoon activity.

After sundown when the stores in Jerusalem’s new city opened up, they headed to Jerusalem’s busy pedestrian mall, Ben Yehuda Street, for dinner.

Tomorrow is their last day in Jerusalem. Stay tuned for their next update then!