Hebrew Public 2018 Capstone Trip – Day 2 – 10/30

Today was a beautiful warm fall day in Israel and the students spent most of it outside. It is Election Day in Israel and the country’s schoolchildren had the day off, and many adults as well. They encountered several people on holiday as they traveled. The students began their outdoor adventure with a hike at Mount Carmel.



They learned how to create a map of Israel with their bodies.


They challenged themselves to scramble up rocks and wrote letters to their future selves.


They saw beautiful views when they reached the end of their hike.


Some of them biked and others found a different trail to reach the swimming hole to cool down.


Then, they continued their lessons about Israeli history and geography at Mount Gilboa where they saw the sunset.


Tomorrow they go south to the Negev desert. For more photos and updates, check out

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