n, “and we worked hard to increase that number to 1,600 this year.”

The Host Committee for Aladdin included: Lisa Applebaum and George Haddad; Sara and David Berman; Rona and Fred Davis; Caroline and Spencer Greenwald; Olessia Kantor; Simone and David Levinson; Jessica and Jason Muss; Marti Meyerson and Jamie Hooper; Roxanne and Dean Palin; Rebecca and Eddie Sugar; Ruth and Andrew Suzman; Meredith and Bryan Verona; and Caryn and Jeff Zucker.


The Hebrew Charter School Center (HCSC) is building a national network of academically rigorous dual-language charter schools that teach children of all backgrounds to become fluent and literate in Modern Hebrew and prepare them to be productive global citizens. Proceeds from this theater benefit will be allocated to support new and existing Hebrew language charter schools in New York City and across the country.  

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