New York City – The new admissions lotteries for attendance at the Hebrew Charter Center Schools are now complete for the 2014-15 school year.  The result?  More than 1,300 children will be enrolled in the dual-language schools, representing a 30 percent increase over the current school year.

“Because there isn’t space for all the children whose families would like their kids to attend our schools, we have waiting lists – which are growing each year,” says Jon Rosenberg, president and CEO of HCSC. “We wish we had enough seats to serve all of these interested students and families, but are truly grateful for their interest and the demand it represents for the great programs provided by our network of schools.”

In 2014-15, HCSC schools include the Hebrew Language Academy in Brooklyn (serving grades K-5); Hatikvah International Academy in East Brunswick, N.J. (serving grades K-5); Harlem Hebrew (serving grades K-2); Sela Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. (serving grades Pre-K-2); Kavod Elementary in San Diego (serving grades K-3); and Lashon Academy in Los Angeles (serving grades K-2).

Across these schools, 1,894 applications were received for 583 available spaces.  “Not only is there great demand for our schools, but they continue to attract a truly global diversity of students and families,” says Rosenberg. “In our five currently operating schools, the parents of our students come from 78 different nations, and more than 25 different languages are spoken in our students’ homes.  We celebrate this diversity every day.”


The Hebrew Charter School Center (HCSC) is building a national network of academically rigorous dual-language charter schools that teach children of all backgrounds to become fluent and literate in Modern Hebrew and prepare them to be productive global citizens. Proceeds from this theater benefit will be allocated to support new and existing Hebrew language charter schools in New York City and across the country.  

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