To take a vacation day, please fill out the attached form and sign it (do not fill out anything below “employee signature” as this is for administrative personnel only).

Please only use the attached form. Older versions are not admissible.

You will note that this form has a line for days available. This is so you, your supervisor and Yelena can keep track of your days.

Once you have filled out the form, please submit it to Mark.

Yelena and Mark will then check the number of days you have available.

Mark will then give it to your direct supervisor or to Jon for approval.

Once Jon has signed off on it, Niki will give it to Yelena, who keeps track of the vacation days.

If there is an issue with the particular days you want to take, your supervisor will contact you directly.

Also, please remember to identify vacation/sick days on your calendar.

Anyone with questions should come see either Yelena or Mark.

Download: Leave Request Form