Brooklyn’s Hebrew Language Academy Performs Strongly on Latest NYS Tests
Outperforms City, State, District Peers on Common Core Assessments

Hebrew Language Academy, a public charter school in Brooklyn serving students in grades K-6, posted strong outcomes on the latest round of New York State’s challenging Common Core assessments. HLA was ranked 27th out of 150 charter schools by the New York City Charter School Center. Its students strongly outperformed their state, city and district peers.

  • In English Language Arts, 42% of HLA students met proficiency standards, compared with 31% statewide.
  • In Math, 64% of HLA students met proficiency standards, compared with 38% statewide.
  • HLA’s economically disadvantaged students also strongly outperformed their state, city and district peers.

“We are happy at the progress our scholars have made,” says Laura Silver, HLA’s Head of School. “It reflects hard work on their part and that of our terrific staff, and the support of our families and the whole school community. At the same time, we know we have much work ahead of us and are eager to see all of our students continue to grow academically.”

HLA, which opened in 2009, is one of the most diverse schools in New York: 65% of its students are economically disadvantaged; 15% have special needs; 8% are English language learners; and 46% are children of color.

“HLA is the first and largest school in our network – our flagship – and to see its students perform so strongly sets a high bar in a great way for our entire network,” says Jon Rosenberg, CEO of the Hebrew Charter School Center, a charter management organization that supports HLA and a growing system of Hebrew language public charter schools around the country. “But we and the School will not rest until ALL of our students are achieving at the high levels of which they are capable.”

The School, which has recently moved to the Mill Basin neighborhood in Brooklyn, will grow over the next two years to serve students in grades K-8.

The Hebrew Charter School Center is building a national network of academically rigorous dual-language charter schools that teach children of all backgrounds to become fluent and literate in Modern Hebrew and prepare them to be productive global citizens. In addition to the school in Brooklyn, the network includes schools in Harlem, New Jersey, Washington, DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis.

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