Mimi Ogawa-Spigland

Director of Mental Health & Student Wellness

Before Mimi joined as the Director of Mental Health in 2021, she served as the Social Work Team Coach at Hebrew Public’s Harlem Hebrew Language Academy. Mimi came to Hebrew Public with extensive experience working with a diverse population of children and their families throughout the NYC boroughs, successfully managing several Article 31 Satellite Clinics within the Community and Renewal schools. Working in those schools confirmed her passion to bridge education and mental health to further students’ social-emotional development, as well as their academic achievement. Mimi received her BA in Creative Writing and Theater from Hunter College and her MSW from Fordham University. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, she is fluent in Japanese. Social Work is Mimi’s second career, having transitioned from the entertainment field. Mimi believes Social Work is the art of listening and the science of hope.